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Does Swerving Around Heat Your Kart Tyres

Kart Tyre Temp 2 Slow Warm Up LapsThe KC-t Kart Data Logger can log the tyre temps of all four tyres 10 times a second. So we decided to prove or disprove tyre warming. 

The graphs show 3 test, all were 2 laps of Clay Pigeon in a Pro-Kart on endurance tyres. All laps were at slow out lap pace, Kart Tyre Temp 2 Moderate Warm Up Lapsabout 55 seconds, but one involve no weaving, one moderate waving and the other heavy weaving and sliding (that would probably get you a warning from the CofC!).

Unfortunately I forgot the system does not start logging until the first magnetic strip,  so all of these have abKart Tyre Temp 2 Hard Warm Up Laps out 100m of running before the logging started. Which is why the graph with heavy weaving starts at about the same temp the no weaving ends on. 

So does weaving put heat in your tyres? – the answer is clear to me.