Monthly Archives: August 2014

KC-t Kart Data Logger First Race Meeting

The KC-t data logger was used on my 177 Rotax Max kart at Clay Pigeon in the 2nd round of the IKR championship. 

The IKR is run on Maxxis SLC tyres, which I had never used before, so the tyre temp data was vital to me to get the pressures right.

Kart Tyre TempIn timed qualifying I was 2nd in class, but after being punted off in the first heat & crashing (my fault) in the pre-final, it was not looking good for the final. After watching a few people slide off in the 27 lap final I finished 2nd in class and got the fastest lap. A great first race result for the KC-t.

The graph shows tyre average tyre temp for the left rear tyre for each lap.  

60 Hours & Counting

In just two weeks the KC-t iBoxes have clocked up over 60 hours on the hire karts at Clay Pigeon kart track. All are working well. At this rate we should have well over 250 hours of reliability testing complete within 5 weeks.