Monthly Archives: June 2014

Software Engineer Takes to the Track!

David, the KC-t software designer, took to the track at Forest Edge on 15 June 14. It was his first time seeing the system in “action” and the first time in a kart for 7 years!

I’m pleased to say he did not beet my fastest lap, but considering the time since he last drove he got worryingly close!

As well as David getting track time we did another test of wheel speed sensors. We have now selected the one that works best. It is easy to fit, robust and fully water proof.

Successful Track Test on TKM Kart

Thanks to Poole Bay Racing letting us fit a system to their TKM at Clay Pigeon we had a successful test, of RPM & laps.
It was only a short test, so we need to do further tests on this type of kart.
We will now be doing more tests on TKM and start testing on IAME & gearbox karts.