Monthly Archives: April 2014

Honda ProKart Bought For Testing

We have bought an old Honda ProKart so we can test the modified hardware.

It cost the grand sum of £385 (who says karting has to be expensive!) If it is not too bad it may even get an outing in the endurance championship at Clay Pigeon.

TKM Testing Of KC-t Kart Lap Timer

We had the first test of the KC-t data logger on a TKM at Clay Pigeon. Unfortunately the test did not go well. It would appear the TKM engine generates much more electronic interference than the Rotax engine we have been testing on so far.

We also have small issues with Honda T2 engines, also caused by electronic noise from the engines.

We will be modifying the electronics to ensure the system works well with all types of kart engine. And plan to be back out testing within two weeks.