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Testing Of the KC-t Kart Data Logger Continues Successfully

On Friday 14 March 175 laps were done in a Rotax kart with two systems fitted. Andrew Roland helped with the driving and offered great feedback on the system and suggested some changes to the screen layout to improve readability of the sector times. 

The aim of the test was to ensure all three

RPM & Wheel Speed Plot

RPM & Wheel Speed Plot

sectors of every lap where recorded and, by fitting two systems, we could check the same lap data is recorded.

The test was very successful.

We also tested other sensor inputs – the graph shows very good correlation between RPM & rear wheel speed, proving the sensor and hardware for wheel speed are operating 100%.

We will now complete the test again at a different track ASAP and implement the screen changes. Once that is done we will be in the position to start reliability and consumer testing.