Monthly Archives: February 2014

Broken Kart Chassis – Delays Testing

Broken ChasisGood job I noticed this big crack in the chassis before I went out in the kart.
I guess it’s another trip to Totton to get Dave Trueman to do his stuff. Hopefully this will not delay testing of the V3 hardware and latest software too much.

Data & Reliability Testing @ Matchams

Two KC-t systems were fitted to Jack’s kart at Matchams. This was so we could compare the data logged and test reliability. Matchams is a very bumpy track so it punishes the electronics.

The test was generally successful. It found a couple of weak spots in the hardware, not least the power connector which was rattled out even when taped on! – new latching connectors will now be fitted.

If the weather is OK we aim to have two systems out on track at Forest Edge for the Feb, pre-season shake down test, at Forest Edge.