Monthly Archives: January 2014

More Testing of the Kart Data Logger at Clay Pigeon

This test was another to ensure the latest hardware is reliable & fully functioning.
We tested the RPM, Lap, Temp, Throttle & brake sensors – all operated well.

Successful & VERY Wet Mornings Testing at Matchams

RPM - Throttle - Brake Plot for One Wet Lap @ MatchamsThe aim of the test was to check the V2 hardware was operating correctly primarily with the basic inputs of RPM & laps. But we also had the following sensors connected to my Rotax kart;

Throttle Position
Brake Pressure
3 axis G sensor 

Just a Little Wet at Matchams!The test was successful. 50 lap were complete in horrible conditions, with zero data errors.

This was my first visit to Matchams – it is a tight & twisty track with a couple of fast corners. Probably, in the wet, a bit too tight, but it was fun and I think would be a great track for pro-karts & cadets.

V2 Hardware – Ready to Rock & Roll!

V2 HardwareV2 prototype hardware, for the KC-t, is built, bench tested and ready for track testing. I hope to get out on the track this week, probably at Matchams.

The V2 hardware has an internal temp sensor and inputs for;

Engine temp
High temp – exhaust etc.
4 x tyre temp.
2 x pedal position/pressure sensors
2 x analogue
2 Wheel Speed
G Force

Once this version of the hardware is tested and proves to be OK we will be building ten units fro reliability testing and customer appraisal.