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V2 Hardware Design Started


KC-t Kart Data Logger V1 Hardware

KC-t Kart Data Logger V1 Hardware

V1 hardware has had so many additions and modifications it is now looking more like a birds nest than an electronic device.

So I am currently designing the curcuit board for V2 hardware. This will have the capability of connecting;

1 x engine temp. for water cooled engines
1 x engine temp for air cooled or exhaust temp
1 x throttle position
1 x brake pressure
2 x analogue inputs (for chassis flex, driver weight position etc)
1 x 3 axis G force
4 x tyre temp sensors.
1 x RPM
1 x Lap

David (software engineer) is currently working on the session summary screens. Which will include lap time, RPM, temp summaries.
Also adding graphics to the race dash to have a simple indication of tyre temp. while on track.

Successful Days Testing at Camberley


David (the software engineer) & I met at CKC to test the latest software and hardware on the KC-t kart data logger.

The day was very successful with lots of data recorded. We confirmed we are logging good data for RPM, Engine temp, air temp & brake pressure. The graph is of RPM against brake.Graph - RPM-Brake

We also found that we missed about 1 in 5 magnetic strips and the wheel speed data was not as good as in needs to be. However we are sure we have a hardware solution to both of these. So once I have made a few modifications to the hardware we will be back out testing again.