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I Am a YouTube(er)

I’ve just uploaded a “first look” video of the KC-t being tested in the garage on my son’s Honda Cadet.

The test was to check the lap time & +/- sector times where displaying correctly – all went well.
First Look Video

What Sensors Would You Want?

We also need to narrow down which sensors can be directly connected to the KC-t

So assuming the KC-t will have lap, RPM & temp sensors which 4 other sensors, from the list below, would you want to be available for direct connection?

2nd temp sensor
Pedal Pressure (for brake)
Pedal Position – Throttle
Pedal Position – Brake
Tyre Temp – 2 tyres
Tyre Temp – 4 tyres
Flex Sensor – for chassis flex
Wheel speed – front wheel
Wheel speed rear wheel.
Steering Angle

Latest Software Version Under Test

We received the latest update to the software today so we will be busy testing it over the next few days.

The first level of testing is in the garage, doing simulated laps with a kart on a trolley (the neighbours love that!).

If that all passes we will then be off to the track – my favourite part of software testing!

Wheel Speed Sensors Tested at Clay Pigeon

The aim of the test day was to ensure we were getting good data from the wheel speed sensors, assess the new screen colours and get more running time on the pressure and position sensors.

I was also testing the latest version of the software.

Initially I had problems because of a software lock up. However once I worked out a way to unlock the system it was another successful day.

The pedal pressure sensor is proving to be reliable & used on the brake pedal is giving good clear data about when the pedal is being pressed and how hard.

Graph - wheel speedI fitted wheel speed sensors to the rear axel and a front wheel. Both of these preformed very well. The graphs show the data from the two sensors. As it was a cold day and I am a bit heavy on the throttle you can clearly see some points that wheel spin was an issue – not the fastest way to corner – but fun.

Milling & Machining

I spent the morning at a local engineering shop ensuring that the drawings for the head unit case were all correct & producing the first one.

I have to say it looks a lot better than the one I did in the garage with a drill, saw and some files.

Kart Tyre Temperature, G-Force & High Temp Sensors Testing

SensorsThe parts have arrived for me to start developing & testing;

Tyre Temp Sensor – these IR sensors so will be able to measure the tyre temp. while the kart is on track, without touching the tyre. We will be able to display the data & log it for post race analysis.

We are sure a sensor like this will be a massive advantage for getting tyre pressures correct.

G-Force – ever wonders how many G you pull through the corners? Is it as many as an F1 car??????
We are testing a G sensor for logging acceleration & cornering forces. Acceleration sensor can be useful for getting the right gearing and cornering forces can help with chaises set up.

High Temp Sensor – this will be for head temp on air cooled engines or recording exhaust temp.

More Testing In Races

Kart Data Logger File

We did more testing and data logging at Forest Edge in the final races of the season.

In wet & damp weather the KC-t performed well.

The graph shows a plot from one lap of the RPM & Brake position.