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iBox Made More Robust

iBoxToday I have been rebuilding the iBox that failed at Clay Pigeon. I have added support to all the wire connectors. This makes it a little harder to change things around, but will make the connectors far less susceptible to vibrations.

Karts must be one of the harshest environments for electronics to work reliably on!

200 Miles of Tests

Jack successfully completed about 300 laps of Clay Pigeon over two days of testing. As usual at Clay these laps included; sun, drizzle, rain  and even a bit of hail!!!!! and Jack managed to throw in a couple of crashes as well.

This has given us loads of more data to assess & check. Also it is a good test of reliability, for the head unit, iBox & sensors.

Unfortunately the vibrations took its toll on the prototype connecting pins in the iBox and we had a couple fail. But the head unit & sensors are all working well.

More Track Testing

KC-t mounted on a Honda Cadet.The KC-t’s second on track test was a Honda Cadet kart at Clay Pigeon on 11 Oct 13.

The head unit was mounted on the side, out of view of the driver, because we simply wanted to log data from the Honda engine and lap times.

We tested a flexi sensor which will be able to log pedal position or chassis flex. We also fitted a pressure sensor to the brake pedal. It fits to the pedal at the point the drives foot presses on the pedal, so it will record the actual force used on the pedal.

KC-t mounted on a Honda Cadet.

The test went well. Lots of data recorded, a few minor faults found to be ironed out before the next track test.

First On Track Test SUCCESSFUL!

KC-t Prototype FE Oct 13-2The KC-t had it’s first on track test on Saturday 5 Oct 13 at Forest Edge on a 177 Rotax.

The system successfully logged all laps, RPM, engine temp, air temp, brake and throttle positions. The dada was then down loaded to a laptop.

As expected the test also revealed some issues that need to be improved, such as screen readability while on track. We will be working on this before the next test.

Fitting Prototype For First Test

KC-t Prototype Pedel SensorThe first fitting ready to track test was an easy enough job.

The only tricky part was fixing and aligning the pedal position sensors. We will be designing some mounting brackets, but in the mean time cable ties will have to do!