KC-t Mk2

Development on the Mk2 system is progressing well. We are currently in final coding of some software updates. These will;
Make it easier to find the old data you want to view.
Improve readability of some screens
Use the built in sensor to log steering wheel position
Save kart set up data, camber, caster etc, with the lap data so all information can be called up at a later date.

We plan to be track testing the first Mk2 systems in April

KC-t Cadet Test Driver 2016 Trophies

16-11 Kart TrophiesIn 2016 our cadet development driver has won many races, come 2nd in the Clay Pigeon championship and WON the Llandow Cadet championship.

Having accurate TYRE TEMPERATURE data has helped us get tyre pressure & kart set up spot on FAST. Giving an advantage and helping to win the silverware.



We have now sold all the Mk1 KC-t systems.

If you are interested in buying a KC-t please message us, we will be offering the first of the Mk2 at a discount.

KC-t Mk2 Development Started

Using the lessons learned from the Mk1 and customer feedback we have started design of the KC-t Mk2.

We aim to have the first ones on track by Christmas for testing by us and the first customer ones available in 2017.

KC-t System For Only £150

Upgrade Your Kart Lap Timer for £150

KC-t Kart Data Logger Christmas Offer

£150 inc postage for a KC-t system including lap & RPM sensors.

These are new systems, but the screens have one or two small marks, this would not effect use or operation.

To order please e-mail us. There are ONLY TWO systems available at this price.

KC-t Driver is Mini Max Champion

The whole of the KC-t project would like to congratulate Riley for winning the Whilton Mill MiniMax championship.

Riley is a KC-t development driver who has helped improve the system. We look forward to continuing the work with Riley next season. Riley

Kart EGT Tested on Dyno

EGT sensor Tested on Robson Motorsport Dyno

We have now tested our sensors under the controlled conditions of a dyno.

The sensor has worked well & made jetting easier & quicker.

We will not move ahead with the first production run.

Honda Cadet Takes 3rd in First Visit To Lydd

Jack, KC-t Honda Cadet development driver, took 3rd place in the final at Lydd, thus was his first ever meeting at the track.

The track had recently been resurfaced, changing the set up requirements for the track. Using data from the KC-t, including TYRE TEMPS allowed him to get the right settings and tyre Honda Cadet at Lyddpressures.