KC-t Kart Data Logger & Lap Timer

Guide To Selecting Kart Data Logger Sensors





Wheel Speed


Advanced & Gearbox

Because the KC-t calculates your speed a speed sensor is unnecessary for most non-gearbox karts.
A speed sensor is necessary for speed data on a gearbox kart.
Advanced drivers may find the speed sensor useful if fitted to the front wheel. Comparing the speed data to RPM will show if wheel spin or brake lock up is occurring.

Tyre Temp


Intermediate to Advanced

Getting the correct tyre temp & pressure is critical to get best lap times. Knowing the tyre temp and how quickly or slowly they are increasing will help you quickly get the pressures correct for all tracks and conditions.
The Head Unit also has a graphic display of tyre temp, so the driver knows if they are up to temp or even over heating (which could save you from cooking a set of tyres!)
Ideally using a sensor on each tyre is best, however using sensors on the outside (normally left) tyres will give you most of the data needed.

Brake Pressure


Novice & Advanced

The sensor fits on the brake pedal, between the pedal & drivers foot. It measures how hard the driver is pressing the pedal.
It is useful to novice drivers (and Dads!). Comparing the data to the throttle sensor or RPM clearly shows if the driver is coasting or applying both pedals at the same time – a common novice error.
Advance drivers find it useful to check they are always braking to 100% for all corners and that the brakes are applied quickly.

Throttle Position

Intermediate to advanced

Novice & Advanced

When viewed with the brake data it is easy to see if a driver is coasting or pressing both pedals, these are common novice errors.
The sensor will also show if the throttle is applied correctly coming out of corners.

G Force


Intermediate to Advanced

The G Force sensor measures lateral (cornering), acceleration & bump G Force.
Making changes to the kart chassis, to improve corner speed, should be seen as increased lateral G force. This can be a more sensitive & reliable way of making sure you are making the correct changes.
Acceleration data can be used to ensure you are using the optimum gearing.

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